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Cloud Interactive

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It is possible to run interactive and X-Windows applications on the cloud.

We strongly recommend you investigate a way to run your jobs non-interactively - most software applications can do this. Please try to keep your interactive jobs to short-running or investigative runs.

SSH into cloud.seas.wustl.edu, and make sure you've got X-Windows Forwarding enabled.

Pre defined interactive applications

aliases have been created for comsol, fluent, gambit and matlab, 
abaqus cae -mesa

if you will be repeatedly launching interactive jobs, you might want to create an ssh-key (ssh-keygen -t dsa ) and use ssh-add .

Shell Login

To get a login prompt, simply type


You'll be presented with a session on one of the cluster nodes.

X Windows Application

To bring a single X-Windows application back, type

qrsh /path/to/application

and after a brief delay, your application will pop up.

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