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Cloud Fluent Notes

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The preferred way to use workbench + fluent is to lay out your model interactively with runwb2. then submit a job to run a simulation.

For example create sge-fluent.sh

 #$ -cwd                     #run in current working directory
 # #$ -pe smp4 4             # use 4 cores
 # #$ -l cpu_tier=5          # use faster cpus
 #  -t4                      # t4 means 4 cpus
 hostname                     # good to know if there's a resource problem.
 fluent171 2ddp  -g < sge-fluent.in  # no graphic card

and sge-fluent.in has:

 file read-case-data allenc-testcase
 solve iterate 10           # depending runwb2, commands other than solve may be required.
 parallel timer usage

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