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Cloud Files

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Your UNIX home directory is common across all SEAS Unix hosts and Cloud cluster members - /home/research/username. You can access this directory from Windows with the URI \\fs1.seas.wustl.edu\research-home\username (the name fs1 could change in the future)

You may also have a group project file area - please use that for large computations. Locations may vary, ask your faculty advisor or email EIT.

Each cluster node has a scratch area - /cluster-tmp - for temporary file storage. It is the responsibility of the user to remove those files. Files not accessed in 30 days are deleted. Use SCP/SFTP to transfer those files, or have your job scripts move them when the job completes.

On occasion there are file format issues, linux likes to separate text lines with a linefeed (LF), Windows likes to use CR+LF, on the linux side this will show up as ^M in text files. On the windows side use wordpad (not notedpad), on the linux side you can use dos2unix or unix2dos to do conversions.

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