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For a desktop, log into eQUEUE with your SEAS credentials >here<

This Cluster is being replaced by the new compute cluster


The Engineering Cloud Cluster

EIT has set up a common cluster, for use by all researchers at the school. This service is expected to change and adapt as more people begin using it.

At the moment we enforce no resource sharing or limits - please be courteous of other users, and try to split up your computations so they take no more than a day. A user that continually allocates all of the Cloud's resources may end up having themselves limited, and as the services grows we may allocate resource scheduling to ensure fair access.

If you have a specific or emergency need for a large amount of computing resources, please contact EIT and we'll help arrange reservations to the best of the cluster's ability. Do note that depending on usage, jobs submitted may not run immediately, and this is normal and expected.

This cluster solves for cake! Terry Tidwell (CSE) successfully authored and defended his doctoral thesis using the Cloud and CEC Lab Clusters! And he brought cake! Thanks Terry!

-- New! -- If you're new to Linux/Unix, check out the Linux Guide!

Disabled Temporarily -

* Cloud Queue Status
* Cloud Job Status

Other Engineering Clusters

In most cases, clusters in the Engineering School have a a common setup, or look-and-feel. Please see the Engineering Cluster Template for more information. If you are a user of one of these clusters, and would like to add to the documentation here, please email EIT Support and ask for a Cluster Wiki account.

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