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Lab Cluster

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LinuxLab Cluster

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Updated hourly - see full cluster status at the Lab Grid Status page


The LinuxLab Cluster is an installation of Sun Grid Engine If you wish to use the lab, please have your faculty advisor email EIT Support for access.

The LinuxLab Cluster is 12 sixteen-core machines, each with 12GB of RAM. Please keep the RAM limitations in mind as you design your jobs.

The fact that the grid is in an virtual lab means users need to keep several things in mind:

  • This grid is for educational purposes. When such a class is in session, those jobs have priority.
  • The lab is interconnected via Gigabit Ethernet. Highly parallel computations may suffer as a result. If you can hold your parallelism to 8 nodes, the Grid will fill up one machine at a time and keep all four jobs local to a machine.
  • Your job storage is limited by your EIT home directory quota. If you have special needs for disk space, please speak with EIT. Extra disk space is available outside of your home directory. However, please keep in mind:
    • This space is very limited.
    • This space is allotted only temporarily, and you must not use it for long term storage - only while your jobs are active.
    • Other students and classes use this space. You must pre-plan your disk usage and notify EIT of your space needs.

Finally, this Linuxlab cluster is being provided as a free benefit to students without other means. If you use this cluster to complete undergrad. research, obtain a grant, or finish a thesis, please send Mark Bober (bober {at} wustl.edu) a link to the finished paper, the grant announcement, or other record of achievement. The best way to improve this resource outside of the normal lab refresh schedule is to show it as a valuable resource for the School.

Thank you.


In general, any application installed in the LinuxLab (including Shell) is available.


The Lab submit host is 'linuxlab.seas.wustl.edu' - you can SSH to that from Shell, or via the CEC VPN.

There are two queues - all.q (default) and a 'parallel.q', for parallel computation.

It's very important to use the "-cwd" flag in your qsub script or command line, and to be in your intended working directory when you submit your job.

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