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FTP server

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There are several options for FTP.

If you need to share a file with several people you have three options:

 1) use your web share, and place the file in your public_html directory, this has a 2GB size limit. The URL will be http://research.engineering.wustl.edu/~YOURLOGIN/file-to-share.dat 
Any one will be able to access the file, some access control can be provided by a .htaccess file. 2) upload your file to dropbox https://dropbox.wustl.edu/, it has a limited retention period, but provides access only to intended recipients. 3) If you have files that are larger the 2G Bytes, you will need to email support at seas.wustl.edu . Please provide your seas login, server and file name you would like to share.

If you need to allow file uploads, email support at seas.wustl.edu and we will create a directory for you that you can read, but is write-only to everyone else.

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