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EQUEUE is currently in Beta!

eQUEUE is a web application for submitting and monitoring jobs without using SSH to connect to the head node. It is still under development, and we welcome feedback.

Our main drive is to eliminate the use of 'qlogin/qmatlab/qcomsol' for users that require interactive GUI applications, which will also eliminate the need for local X11 software and other issues.

Log into eQUEUE at:


using your SEAS credentials. There are a set of menu options across the top described below.


  • Submit Jobs

Here will be menu tree of options for submitting jobs. Interactive_Jobs will take you to the GUI applications section.

There is a small walkthrough on how to start a full desktop here:


Other options for batch template jobs will be added. If you or your group have a specific sort of job that is ran repeatedly, let us know and we can add a template.

  • Job Management


Here you may see and connect to running jobs. Interactive jobs can be reconnected to by clicking the 'eye' icon, and jobs can be deleted by clicking on the trash icon.

  • Job History

This is the history of your user's jobs.

  • Files

This is a web-enabled file browser for your home directory.

From the top dropdown labeled "Root:", you can browse out of your home directory to the /project directory tree. You may also browse to /tmp, but keep in mind files there cannot be seen by the cluster nodes.

  • Queue/Node Status

This shows a view of the current cluster status and running jobs.

Important Notes

eQUEUE will create a directory in your home called 'equeue'. It uses this location to track and manage jobs - removing this directory may have unpredictable results!

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