Chapter6.Programming tools

Table of Contents

6.1. Compiling programs
6.2. Running programs
6.3. Debugging programs
6.4. Inspecting and modifying programs

Although the examples with this chapter are for programs written in C or C++, much of the information provided is still valid for programs written in other languages. If you want to be certain, though, you should check GCC and GDB's documentation, references to which are provided in SectionA.5, “More on programming on Linux machines”.

To compile and debug your programs, you'll need to use the programming tools that come with Linux, which are collectively known as the GNU toolchain. In this chapter, I'll describe some parts of the most commonly used components of the GNU toolchain, as well as how to run your compiled program in Linux.

References to further reading on programming in Linux and the GNU toolchain can be found in SectionA.5, “More on programming on Linux machines”.

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