10.Structure of this guide

This guide is organized as a collection of short introductions to selected topics related to the use of the Linux CLI and programming tools:

  1. Linux and its user interfaces, discussed in Chapter1, Getting started with Linux, with references for further reading in SectionA.2, “More on Linux”.

  2. The built-in help system, discussed in Chapter2, Built-in help system.

  3. The shell, discussed in Chapter3, Basic shell commands and related utilities, with references for further reading in SectionA.3, “More on the shell and related utilities”.

  4. SSH (secure) file transfer (SFTP), discussed in Chapter4, SSH (secure) file transfer (SFTP).

  5. Text editors, discussed in Chapter5, Text editors, with references for further reading in SectionA.4, “More on text editors”.

  6. Programming tools, discussed in Chapter6, Programming tools, with references for further reading in SectionA.5, “More on programming on Linux machines”.

There are also general suggestions for finding information in SectionA.1, “Suggested resources for finding information”.

Finally, for your convenience, I have included references to GUI-based versions of these tools in AppendixB, Graphical alternatives.

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