8.Other information about this guide


Feedback and errata reports are greatly appreciated and can be sent by e-mail to me (the author).

The most recent version of this guide is available at http://students.cec.wustl.edu/~jg18/guide/.

This guide was prepared as DocBook V4.5 XML source using Aquamacs Emacs's nXML Mode.

The XSLT and FO processing was done with xsltproc and Apache FOP, respectively.

I found the book Version Control with Subversion to be helpful with managing the guide as a Subversion repository.

I found DocBook: The Definitive Guide, the DocBook Wiki, DocBook XSL: The Definitive Guide, and DocBook XSL Stylesheets: Reference Documentation to be extremely helpful with preparing and publishing the DocBook source.

This guide was adapted from “A Guide to the Linux Command Line Interface for Computer Science Students at Washington University,” my final paper for EP 310 (Technical Writing) from Summer 2008 at Washington University.

The layout of this guide was inspired in part by that of the guides at The Linux Documentation Project (TLDP).

The embedded comics are from the webcomic xkcd and are displayed by permission of its license.

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