AppendixB.Graphical alternatives

Table of Contents

B.1. GUI-based file managers
B.2. GUI-based file transfer programs
B.3. GUI-based text editors
B.3.1. GUI-based vi and Emacs
B.3.2. Other GUI-based text editors
B.4. GUI-based programming and debugging tools
B.4.1. Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
B.4.2. GUI-based debuggers not part of an IDE

Black Hat Support

Black Hat Support

Okay, I'll admit it: when I first took Linux-based programming courses in C and C++, I used graphical versions of some of these tools sometimes, and sometimes I even found myself more productive when I used the two together as needed. Therefore, I think that I should at least mention the existence of graphical alternatives to the tools I've presented.

As noted in Section1.2, “Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for Linux”, the two most popular desktop environments for Linux are GNOME and KDE. Thus, most of the software discussed in this appendix will be related to one of the two.

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