AppendixA.Further reading

Table of Contents

A.1. Suggested resources for finding information
A.2. More on Linux
A.2.1. General Linux resources
A.2.2. Linux file system
A.3. More on the shell and related utilities
A.3.1. General information on the Bash shell
A.3.2. Changing your shell temporarily to Bash
A.3.3. Text processing with the shell
A.3.4. Shell scripting (using Bash)
A.3.5. The GNU Core Utilities (coreutils)
A.4. More on text editors
A.4.1. More on vi
A.4.2. More on GNU Emacs
A.5. More on programming on Linux machines
A.5.1. Linux programming and the GNU toolchain
A.5.2. More on GCC
A.5.3. GNU Make and Makefiles
A.5.4. More on GDB
A.5.5. More on the GNU Binary Utilities (binutils)

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